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Advantages and disadvantages

These can be taken at the same costs as applied to the basic statistics. An Advantage costs character points according to the table below while a Disadvantage gains them at the same rate so they can be used on something else. The total number of points gained by taking disadvantages must not exceed half the starting points allocated for character creation.

Level 1 in any advantage costs 1 character point
Level 2 costs 3 points
Level 3 costs 6 points
Level 4 costs 10 points
Level 5 costs 15 points
Level 6 costs 21 points
Level 7 costs 28 points
Level 8 costs 36 points
Level 9 costs 45 points
Level 10 costs 55 points

Following are a few 'standard' advantages and disadvantages which cover most of the trials and tribulations that face the average Drone.

Minor disadvantages

These can be taken as -1 but must be role played.

Nervous stammer Tongue-tied
Specified obsession
Dark Secret

Minor Advantages

These can be taken at +1

Knows a tolerant Bookie
Related to a highly respected pillar of society (Bishop/judge)
Contact in Paris/New York etc
Attractive and eligible sister

Plus of course any others that an inventive player can sneak past the GM.

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