The Romanov

The Time of Troubles

By Scott David Gray and Sharon Tripp.
ATTENTION: This page is NOT current or complete! The game is a work in progress!

The Time of Troubles is a Live Action Role Playing (LARP) game. Each player in the game is given a character to portray. Each character has her/his own goals and personality. In this game there are no winners or losers. Though some characters may have 'goals', actual success at attaining the goals is no reflection on the player's ability. (For example, an actor is playing Shakespeare's Hamlet rather poorly if by the end of his performance the tragic prince is still alive....)

Do you have what it takes to survive as a Russian peasant in the early 17th century? Tsar Ivan IV (aka Ivan Grozny -- Ivan the Terrible) died in 1584, four years after killing his eldest son in a fit of anger. The nation is divided by a civil war, stemming from several competing claims to the Russian crown. invasions by the Polish (who want to bring the Eastern Orthodox church under the control of the Roman Catholic Pope), and the Swedes (who want to control trade routes along the Baltic coast). Food shortages and heavy taxes (instituted by two rival governments) have moved the peasantry to revolt against the nobility in many parts of the country. Can things get any worse for the peasants in this small villiage?

No special knowledge of history is necessary to play in this game. Sufficient background information will be given to players.

The Time of Troubles is not presently scheduled to run.
If you know that you want to play, you must:
  1. Fill out a casting questionnaire so we know what role to give you. You will receive a copy of your character via email, which you should read over until you feel comfortable with the role.
  2. Make or obtain some costuming, appropriate to your character.
  3. Once you are signed up (if not before) you will want to review the following files, and print them out to take with you to the game (note that this list is not complete, and these files are not in final form yet -- you will want to hold off on printing them out):
  4. Be sure to come to the game on time with your costuming. If you learn that there is any chance that you may be unable to attend after all, please inform us as soon as possible.

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This game is a Subterranean Homesick Games production.