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Vim & Vigour

This determines the fitness, dexterity and sporting skills of a person

Drones can be almost anywhere on this scale, those in the extreme negatives however will be unable to join in most of the jolly fun as they'll spend an awful lot of time in various states of indisposition.

10 Can run 4-minute mile, hit for 6 every time etc. Olympic gold standard
9 Can rise at 6, swim the lake, run 5 miles, followed by press-ups and still be coherent over breakfast. Can walk a tightrope
8 Can survive the Drones vs. Chanters rugby match unscathed and hit a bulls eye most of the time
7 Can play a tough game of tennis without breaking out in a sweat. Can juggle hoops on a unicycle and dance the samba on the banister
6 Can juggle three items at once. Can run a mile and still hold a conversation at the end. Can cope with complicated dance steps and fast ice skating.
5 Can climb walls with handholds, swim 20 lengths without a break, jump over a three foot fence, serve a high proportion of aces
4 Can play cricket well at village level, hold his own on the tennis court, get round the golf course on par, skate on ice with care
3 Can swim, ride a bike and run well enough over moderate distances but will be puffed and tired for a while afterwards
2 Can scale 6' wall unaided and catch something thrown to him.
1 Can sing lustily or spout poetry while walking briskly without getting out of breath. Can dance without stepping on his partner's feet.
0 Ordinary human level, average health. Can run for a train.
-1 Climbs badly but gets there, liable to jog after running the first 30 yards, can carry a fairly heavy suitcase.
-2 Can walk two miles to the village to send a telegram but likely to take a long breather in the pub before starting back. Can run away if frightened
-3 Can run short distances, e.g. to hail a cab. Could support a less capable pal.
-4 Can't walk fast, can't climb much
-5 Can only stagger unless supported
-6 Can stand up independently.
-7 Can stand up if there is someone or something to lean on.
-8 Able to crawl and can sit upright if supported
-9 Immobile, paralysed
-10 Might or might not last 'til morning.

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