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The Old Grey Matter

Determines the intelligence of a person.

10 Einstein
9 Sherlock Holmes
8 Jeeves
7 Professor
6 Doctor (Ph.D)
5 Average professional person
4 Went to Oxford or Cambridge and actually studied.
3 Went to the odd lecture or two.
2 Average human level.
1 Eton or perhaps Harrow had some effect.
0 "Pythagoras ? Some Greek chap or other, rather obtuse I thought"
-1 Remembers School as a "Jolly sort of place with books in"
-2 Never did get on too well with Algebra.
-3 "Amo amas amat ... a mat?"
-4 Can do long division if given time and the odd hint
-5 Unable to compute the odds on a horse
-6 Chump
-7 Unable to check a bill or change
-8 Idiot
-9 Skull rings hollow
-10 Incoherent

Usual levels for members of the Drones club are in Bold

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