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Appearance Table

Determines how a person looks and the degree of respect they command

The range for a Drone is given in bold. Note that the Appearance of a Drone is modified if he has the services of a Gentleman's Gentleman.

10 Fred Astair, Prince of Wales. Leader of fashion, extremely well respected.
9 Minor royalty
8 Very well dressed, well respected or film-star looks
6 Lords, bishops, judges
4 Drone with plenty of money and a superior gentleman's gentleman who makes sure he is always perfectly turned out.
2 Very well dressed Drone who wears fashionable suits, hats from Bodmin, hand crafted shoes
1 Well dressed Drone with a good gentleman's gentleman
0 Average well dressed Drone.
-1 Drone with poor taste.
-2 Drone with actively bad taste (unspeakable tie, offensive waistcoat, silly hat etc.)
-3 Average human, office clerk, club barman etc. Passably well dressed, not overly respected.
-4 Scruffy Drone
-5 Looks like a chap dragged from his bed early on the morning following Boat Race night.
-8 Coal delivery man or chimney sweep while at work.
-9 Drunk and disorderly ordinary chap.
-10 Gentleman of the road.

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