GRAPE Seeds.
Copyright 1998 By Scott Gray.
GRAPE Seeds is a supplement for GRAPE: Generic Roleplaying All Purpose Engine. Please see the main page, to learn the basic rules. This supplement, like GRAPE, is distributed free of charge. You may give out copies, so long as the text is not modified and no fees are charged for the copies distributed.
Complete adventures:
GRAPE Expectations -- Light-hearted comedy with the family and in-laws, with a new baby on the way.
GRAPE Britain -- Dawn of the 17th century and the end of the Tudor dynasty, the future of England is in the hands of these messengers.
GRAPE Space 9 -- Space opera on a 24th century space station belonging to the Federated Republic of Free Planets.
GRAPE Nuts -- This game takes place inside the minds of characters whose perceptions of reality are skewed; over the course of the game perhaps they will get closer to the truth.

Genre ideas:
Afterlife, American Civil War, Cold War espionage, Der Ring Des Niebelungen, Drones Club, emergency room hijinks, fairy tale, gumshoe, , high fantasy, low fantasy, newsboy's strike of 1899, Norman conquest, Papers and Paychecks, Pirates and Privateers, revolutionaries, Roman Palestina, Napoleanic France, schoolyard, Sumerian adventures, Time Travel Corps., Watership Down.
Adventure ideas:
Curiosity -- characters are posed a puzzle. Escape -- characters are hiding or running. Glory -- characters try to gain acclaim. Information -- characters want to learn something. Politics -- characters must convince someone of something. Rescue -- characters must save someone or something from someone or something else. Vengeance -- characters must beat someone up. Widget hunts -- characters are looking for something or someone.
Seedless GRAPEs:
Most roleplaying adventures are designed to be interesting situations in which otherwise ordinary characters are placed. However, good literature can come from extraordinary heroes being placed in ordinary situations, and making their own adventures.

If your players want to take particularly adventurous roles, you can expect them to make their own adventures. So long as the players are forewarned, they could make very proactive characters who come up with ingenious plans and schemes. Sitting back and watching the players decide their goals and plot their own ends can be just as rewarding as, and much less work than, designing an adventure for them.

In a seedless game, a genre is chosen, the players make their characters -- usually designing them together, to work together -- then tell the GM what their plans and goals are, and the fun begins.

Some seedless genres include: Mage's Guild or mad scientists, where the PCs play powerful and unscrupulous wizards or scientists, bent on world domination or experimentation without ethics. Rebels With a Cause, where the PCs play characters who want to fight the power. Supervillains, where the PCs come up with the great 4-color comic plots and try to execute them before those meddling do-gooders get in their way.